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Contact With Natural Spaces Improves the Health of the Population

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In this recent post by the HealthISglobal blog, Margarita Triguero, a PhD student at CREAL (now part of ISGLobal), gives us an overview about some recent studies showing the effects of natural spaces – mostly green spaces, both big and small – on health. As she says, blue spaces, such as lakes, rivers, or the sea, have been much less studied so far, but that’s about to change with a new international project called “BlueHealth Project“, which is led from the UK and in which the CREAL/ISGlobal researchers are involved.

Looking forward to hear more about this new project, which started earlier this year and will run until 2020! For the time being, you can read Margarita’s post here!


Air Pollution: Should I Wear a Mask in the City?

Tom Cole-Hunter, a postdoctoral researcher at the CREAL, one of the centres within the PRBB, has written this post recently in the “Health is Global” blog  about air pollution, cycling and the risks and benefits of their combination.


Cole-Hunter and his colleagues at the CREAL – an allied centre of ISGlobal – are involved in the European Commision-backed project CITI-SENSE , which aims to create real-time updated maps of air quality in several European cities.

Read his post here, and consider helping out scientists to achieve a better understanding of the air pollution levels around us, by downloading the CityAir app, available for both Android and iOS.



[This text was originally published in Spanish in El País – Planeta Futuro]





Science at PRBB video: Mark Nieuwenhuijsen’s lab (CREAL) in one minute

How is our health affected by pollution, green spaces, urban design and active transport? This is what Mark Nieuwenhuijsen is studying at the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), located at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). In this short video the Dutch researcher explains his studies on how outdoor contaminants affect health.

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