“Memory is built on concept neurones”

So, here’s the interview to Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, who came recently to give a talk at the PRBB. The title “The Jenifer Anniston neurone” was interesting… the content was much more so! This interview was published in the PRBB monthly newspaper, Ellipse. You can also read an earlier post about his talk here. Figuring out how the brain works is the obsession of Rodrigo Quian, professor at the University of Leicester (UK). This challenge led him to apply his physics training and a PhD in maths to neuroscience. With the discovery of the “Jennifer Aniston neurone”, or concept cells, it … Continue reading “Memory is built on concept neurones”

The PRBB consolidates its internationalization

Take a look at the new issue of Ellipse, the monthly bilingual publication of the PRBB. We have now reached 50 editions!!!! Check out how the demography of the PRBB has changed over the last 5 years, to reach 50 different nationalities amongst our 1,345 residents. Actually, currently 41% of the researchers at the park are non-Spanish! How does the biological clock controls skin stem cell activation? And did you know the ‘out-of-Africa’ route was through Arabia, and not Egypt? CRG researchers show how it is possible to predict the phenotype from individual genomes; an international group of scientists ask … Continue reading The PRBB consolidates its internationalization

New edition of El·lipse (11/2011)

From today, the November 2011 edition of the PRBB newspaper El.lipse, a monthly bilingual newspaper in English and Catalan, is available. Please download a PDF version or see the multimedia version. In this issue you will find an editorial about the recent Nobel Prize by IMIM’s director, Miguel López-Botet. How to mend a broken (zebrafish) heart by regeneration, how temperature can control the genetic message, a carcinogenic gene with a double personality, the evolution of antibiotic proteins or how extreme heat affects the duration of gestation are other subjects you will find here. Also, find out the latest achievements of … Continue reading New edition of El·lipse (11/2011)