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Manuel Mendoza and chromosome segregation

Basic cell division mechanisms are still a huge mystery, says Manuel Mendoza, head of the Cytokinesis and chromosome segregation group at the CRG. His lab is trying to understand how do chromosomes condense and segregate, and he explains why this is important in this short video.

Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer

In this image by Cristina Morera from the CMRB, taken with a SP5 Leica confocal microscope, a mouse stem cell can be seen dividing. The DNA is highlighted in blue, the pluripotency marker Oct4 in red, and α-tubulin, one of the main components of cell cytoskeleton microtubules, in green. The α-tubulin enables the observation of the cell in metaphase, the stage of cell division where the pairs of chromosomes (blue) are aligned in the centre of the cell. Later, the chromosomes will be separated and divided between the two daughter cells by the mitotic spindle formed of microtubules (green).

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