Books and authors that inspire scientific vocations!

thewaythingsworkAt the PRBB we started a campaign about a month ago called #passion4science. We are asking researchers around the globe to try and pinpoint an event, person, book, whatever, that caught their attention as a child and got them excited about science, about trying to understand, to learn, to experiment…

We will be posting the results in storify and will do another post about it here soon, as well as sharing them through social media, so keep an eye out for #passion4science!

But since today is International Book Day – and in Catalonia, where we are located, it’s a very spetial day, SantJordi, the patron of our region – we want to share a subset of those comments with you.

Books that ignite #passion4science!

These refer to books that respondents remember as being crucial in initiating their fascination with science. Enjoy them!


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