Share your #passion4science!

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Do you love science? Do you remember what made you decide to become a researcher? Was it a person you met, a movie you watched, a book you read, anything special that happened to you as a child? Were you 16, or 12? 8? 4?

Whatever it was that sparked your passion for science, share it with us – your story may inspire young people to start their path in this exciting career!

At the PRBB we are organising “BioJúnior” for next April 17 – an event aimed at young students who are about to embark on their career journey. We are trying to collect as many anecdotes, experiences, reasons or feelings as possible to help spark their interest in science and research. Will you help us?

Just tell us your story. You can do so via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, tagged #passion4science. You can write it in English, Catalan or Spanish.

All comments received will be used during the students event, as well as further shared with the world through social media or other means*. So don’t forget to share your experience – and do share this message with all your peers!!!

*All information submitted through the #passion4science campaign, including your name, may be shared through the PRBB social networks or by other means, always under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.


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