“Glow in the dark” worms

foto cientifica ellipse 64

This image, of an immunostaining of the nerve system of the scale­worm Harmothoeimbricata was taken by Masha Plyuscheva, from the Evolutionary Genomics laboratory (CRG). To study the bioluminescence of sea dwellers, Masha dived to collect this scale­worm. When scared, the worm detaches a glowing scale, allowing it to escape while the predator is distracted. Masha stained the scate using DAPI to mark the nuclei of the cells in blue, and labeling the nerve system in green. The blue and green cylindrical structures are tubercles, parts of the bioluminescence system where the oxidized products of the bioluminescence reaction accumulate.

This image was published in Ellipse, the PRBB monthly newspaper.


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