Focus on addiction: a CSHL course at the PRBB

Next July 18-25 a Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory (CSHL) summer course on “Cellular biology of addiction” will take place at the PRBB. The deadline for registration has just been extended until March 30, so hurry up!!

The course is organized by Rafael Maldonado, from the UPF and it is addressed both to experienced researchers and those new to the field. Its aim is to explain and discuss the latest advances and the major gaps in cell and molecular biology of drug addiction, although other subjects such as learning, memory and drug development will also be included.

The course is co-organized by Brigitte L. Kieffer from CERBM, University of Strasbourg, Chris Evans from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA and Antonello Bonci from the National Institute on Drug Abuse-NIDA, Baltimore, USA.

To see the speakers, costs and to register, you can go to the CSHL summer course website. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!


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