Genomic high-throughput sequencing data: what to trust

Does your research imply having to deal with a huge amount of high-throughput data? Are you worried about the interpretation of your Illumina sequencing data? Illumina’s Genome Analyzer (GA) and HiSeq instruments are currently the most widely used sequencing devices. If you use them or are thinking of using them, you might be interested in having a look at the latest paper coming from Heinz Himmelbauer and his colleagues at the CRG ultrasequencing unit and published in Genome Biology. Find out about the errors and biases they report to make sure your data analysis is of the highest quality!

Minoche AE, Dohm JC, Himmelbauer H. Evaluation of genomic high-throughput sequencing data generated on Illumina HiSeq and Genome Analyzer systems. Genome Biol. 2011 Nov 8;12(11):R112 [PDF]


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