Regulation of mucosal IgA responses (review)

Andrea Cerutti (corresponding author) from IMIM-Hospital del Mar has just published a review on the regulation of mucosal IgA responses in the journal Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci.

The intestinal mucosa has evolved several strategies to control microbic commensals and neutralize pathogens without causing inflammatory damage to the epithelial barrier. One of these strategies involves the production of massive amounts of IgA, the most abundant antibody isotype in our body. The review puts together scientific evidence on  the mechanisms by which mucosal B cells undergo IgA diversification and production and discusses how the study of primary immunodeficiencies facilitates better understanding of mucosal IgA responses in humans.

Cerutti A, Cols M, Gentile M, Cassis L, Barra CM, He B, Puga I, Chen K; Regulation of mucosal IgA responses: lessons from primary immunodeficiencies.  Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2011 Nov;1238(1):132-44


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